Affiliate Programs – How to Lose at Hopscotch

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What do affiliate programs and hopscotch have in common? Absolutely nothing! Yet, sometimes in our quest for an online income we treat business programs like the squares on a hopscotch board. If you are playing this affiliate hopscotch game, chances are you’ve lost the game before you even began.

For those not familiar with hopscotch here’s a brief summary. A table is drawn on the ground consisting of 9 squares, some in a straight line and some side by side. The player takes a rock or some other object and throws it in square one. The object of the game is to hop through all the squares (skipping the square with the rock in it) to the end and back again. The rock is then picked up, thrown to the next square and the player resumes his or her hopping.

So, how does this relate to affiliate programs? Before answering that have you heard that 97% of all people starting their internet business fail? That’s a huge percentage of people, and often they not only fail, they fail miserably. There are several reasons why people fail but the biggest reason, consisting of most of the “failures”, results in playing a game of affiliate hopscotch.

In this game you are not jumping through squares, you are jumping from one affiliate program to the next. Looking for that one company that will “make you rich”. After a few months if someone does not make money, any money, at this business they immediately brand the company as bad and move on. Another word people are fond of saying is scam. “I did not make money at this business or in this affiliate program, therefore it is a scam.” The truth of the matter is, in most cases, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the company and everything to do with you.

The name of the game is learning and consistent action. Sure, there are other facets to running an online business but most of it comes down to these two very simple concepts. Learning and consistency of action. Learning exactly how to market and sell the company’s products or services and being consistent in your marketing campaigns. If you are jumping from one company to the next you are possibly learning a little on your way, but you are failing completely at consistency of action. And while you are busy learning about the next company you should have been learning how to market effectively.

So, how can you avoid this game? Obviously you are in this to make money. We all are. The first step is finding a company you can be excited about. A company you believe in. You must research the company. How long have they been in business and how are commissions earned? Do they sell anything of real value? More importantly, would you buy what they are selling even if you would not make money at it? If you would not be willing to buy or use their product, or one exactly like it, then I will go out on a limb and say that opportunity is not for you. Why? Because if you use the product, if you want and need the product, if you enjoy the product, then you will get excited about the product. Believe me, if you are excited about the product your customers will know it and they will feel it.

Once you find that company your next step is to stick with it. More than likely you will not make money in the first few months. The chances are slim unless you already have experience in marketing and business. In fact, you may not make money in the first year. Do not let that discourage or stop you. Use that time to perfect what you are already doing and use that time to learn how to better do it and develop a system. Go ahead and create your website. Often people do not let their website go live because why? Because it is not perfect. It is not going to be perfect to begin with. But you have time to tweak it and perfect it while you are busy promoting your product and learning how to promote it.

So, if you want to make money online and are planning on using affiliate programs to do just that, do yourself a favor. Do your research and find a company you can believe in and get excited about and then stick with it. Be consistent, learn something every day, tell someone about it every day, and keep at it. If you follow these very simple steps then your success is guaranteed. If you are spending your time jumping from one program to the next and the next, you may as well go to work making someone else rich, because that, my friend, is exactly what you are doing.

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